8 BEST walks in NSW

There are SO many fantastic walks around NSW, deciding which one to do can be a difficult decision.  So I have come up with the 8 best walks in NSW, some that will require a few days to complete and others you can complete in just a day!


Tomaree Head Summit walk

Firstly Nelson Bay on the North Coast of NSW is the perfect place for a beach getaway.  Whilst there you will encounter one of the BEST walks NSW has to offer! This is called the Tomaree Head Summit walk.  The distance is only 1km so will only take you approximately 45 minutes to complete.  The top of the summit has the most amazing views, overlooking the different beaches and islands that are scattered across
this picture perfect coastline.


 Bundeena Coastal Walk

 The Bundeena Coastal Walk begins in the Royal National Park.  Make sure you have a few spare days and all the camping essentials for this beautiful walk.  As you will cover a distance of approximately 26km! The difficulty is medium however there are lots of lovely lookouts and beaches to swim at along the way.  Be sure to have a swim at Garie Beach, one of my favourites! There is a camping ground at North Era where you can stay overnight and then continue on your way in the morning.


The Kosciuszko walk

The Kosciuszko walk from Thredbo to Mount Kosciuszko is a walk you should attempt at least once in your life time!  It will take just over 4 hours to reach the summit. Then you can chill out and take in the views from the uppermost point in Australia, of the Kosciuszko Main Range.


Spit Bridge to Manly

This walk starts at the Spit Bridge making your way over to Manly, covering 10km of distance.  You will pass though some lovely little beaches and head on through to the national park.  Then you will come across some amazing coastal cliffs and aboriginal rock engravings.  There are also some excellent vantage points where you will have a wonderful view of the harbour.



Coogee to Bondi

This is a walk that will really impress you. You will pass one beautiful beach after another, covering a total of 6 beaches!  There are also a few bays and coves along the way and I definitely recommend packing your swimmers! Starting the walk at Coogee you will end up at the Iconic Bondi beach, which is a must for all visitors coming to Australia.


Balmoral Walk

Starting at Taronga Zoo you will make your way though a very beautiful part of Sydney harbour to the lovely Balmoral beach.  Covering approximately 6 km of distance which could take up to 2 hours.  Not only will you have wonderful views of Sydney Harbour but you will also be adventuring through a historic part of the harbour.

I recommend packing a picnic lunch and eating at Clifton gardens where you can also swim! Or you can wait until you reach Balmoral Beach, and have lunch at the Boat Shed.


Six Foot walking track

 This isn’t your average walk as you will cover approximately 44km of track in the Blue mountains National park.  You will need at least 3 days to complete and a good level of fitness.

This is an adventure of a life time for the keen bush walker!  If you love being out in nature camping and seeing amazing waterfalls, rivers and crossing over swing bridges, then I highly recommend this walk.  You will also find yourself at the Jenolan caves which are definitely worth exploring.


Figure 8 pools

 This is another challenging track which takes approximately 3 hours return to complete.  I would recommend this walk to experienced and keen bush walkers, with a good level of fitness.

The walk starts at Garrawarra Farm carpark, where you will join the coast track which you follow until you reach Burning Palms Beach.  Be sure to know the conditions are right, as it is only safe at low tide! There you will discover the figure 8 pools which is a collection of natural rock pools along the coast of the Royal National Park.










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  1. Mark says:

    Get your walking boots on

    Liked by 1 person

    1. saltysprays says:

      Better dust mine off!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cale says:

    Started the walk to the Kosciuszko summit with a mate on Saturday. The sites were amazing. Like a whole new world. The purpose of our trip to Thredbo was to ride down the mountain and we realised were were losing time so we only got half way to the summit, but will definitely return soon with the purpose of completing the whole walk.

    From what we saw though, would definitely recommend to everyone!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. saltysprays says:

      Sounds like you had an awesome time 🙂


  3. Great post!! We have some incredible walks in NSW 🙂


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