Rottnest Island


Where is Rottnest Island exactly?! Well it’s located off the coast of Perth, Western Australia.  You will be able to reach this beautiful island by a ferry from the Fremantle port, within 30 minutes!

I have to say that getting around the Island on just a bike was pretty cool! Hire a bike at the ferry terminal before departure or on the island. If you enjoy bike riding do not miss the opportunity to ride around the island.


It can get hot in summer! So remember sunscreen and bring lot’s of water.  However if bike riding isn’t for you there are Segway tours and a hop on/ hop off explorer bus, which allows you to see the more isolated parts of the island. 

If riding or walking around the island you will most likely find some unique little marsupials, these little guys are called quokkas.  They are very friendly and don’t mind if you get up close to them to say hello.



Once you have your transport sorted, your ADVENTURE begins! Head off to one of the many gorgeous bays and beaches (there are 63 beaches and 20 bays with an array of unique coral reefs).  The sand around the island looks untouched and the water is clear & sparkling. Some popular swimming spots on the island include Little Parakeet, Little Salmon Bay, Fays Bay, The Basin and Pinky beach.  These are all easily accessible by bike or bus!


Make sure you head to ONE of my favorite snorkeling spots Salmon Bay!  This is located on the southern side of Rottnest Island and is stop 7 on the explorer bus.  It offers an enchanting underwater experience, discovering the many species of fish and pretty coral.   The actual bay is surrounded by a limestone ridge; this provides some great shade to set up around for the day.




Apart from snorkeling and swimming there is more to Rottnest Island than meets the eye!  You can discover and learn about the islands convict, maritime, colonial and world war II heritage.   You also have the chance to take the train too Oliver Hill station, there you can participate in a guided walk tour and check out the tunnels and one of the guns left from world war World War II.




Kicking back at one of the lovely cafes or restaurants is nice too…. especially after a full day of exploring this beautiful part of the world!!




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  1. Lisa Carolan says:

    Salmon Bay is definitely one of the best snorkelling spots here, I love it!

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