10 Island Essentials


 Packing for an Island getaway it can be tempting to fill your suitcase with every single bikini or swimwear item you own.  Because you never know you might run out! However there is actually more to packing your bag then that.


So I am going to provide a list of the 10 ESSENTIAL items you should pack when staying on a TROPICAL ISLAND. Due to the remoteness of some islands and expenses you may incur, it always pays to be prepared and plan ahead.



Nothing kills your holiday faster than getting sun burnt so badly that you can’t sleep at night. Sun protection is a must! Some islands have limited shade so be sure to bring all the essentials (sunscreen (SPF 50+ I recommend), Lip Balm, hat, sunnies, cover-ups).

Pack all the necessary shoes! Walking shoes, sandals, reef shoes…so you can comfortably get around the island with ease.

A light jacket and rain jacket. Depending on the time of year you may encounter rainfall and breezes.




Insect repellent for those mosquitoes and other crawly insects that you can find in nature.

Snorkel set/dive certificate/medical certificate – I like to have my own snorkel and flippers because I know they will fit me and are comfortable for use! If you’re interested in learning DIVING then a medical certificate may be required!

List of medications to show at the airport if asked and also bring an extra weeks supply! You never know due to bad weather your flight may be delayed or cancelled.



Emergency first aid kit.


All essential toiletries.


Island Clothing: beach wear (aka SWIMWEAR)! PJ’s and also don’t forget some nice going out clothes there maybe restaurants and shops to explore!


Beach towel! I like to take my own towel for the beach and use the hotels towels for the pool. But this depends how much room you have left in your suitcase.





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  1. Great list! I’d add one more item — a small, disposable flashlight. Here in the Bahamas (and in a lot of the Caribbean), electricity isn’t nearly as reliable as it is back in the States or Canada. And without a big city nearby, it’s really, really dark at night, making it difficult to find the ignition on the golf cart, or the path to your cottage!

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    1. saltysprays says:

      Thats a really good one to add!! Thanks ☺☺


  2. Mörkrum says:

    I’d love to go to an island now!

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