My Top 3 Breakfast Spots, Hamilton Island!


On Hamilton Island you don’t really have to go far to realise you are in a very BEAUTIFUL place.   On the island breakfast is my absolute favourite meal of the day! This is because it gives me the energy to venture off into the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. 


  1. Okay so I am a buffet breakfast kind of girl! This is why The Pool Terrace comes in as an easy number 1, situated at The Reef View Hotel. More than just being a buffet with scrumptious choices for me to feast on, I love eating by the pool surrounded by palm trees and cockatoos! And going back for sneaky seconds.


  1. Needless to say the breakfast at my second choice Qualia, is divine! Qualia bring sophistication and class to any meal of the day, including breakfast.  This is achieved by their balance of flavours and presentation of their meals. 

Stunning sunset over the Whitsundays from Long Pavilion


  1. The Beach club restaurant brings a new meaning to, would you like that breakfast with a view? As the restaurant is actually situated right next to the pool whilst overlooking the ocean! The food itself isn’t too bad either. With an a la carte menu you will be sure to find something you enjoy.



So where will you be having breakfast tomorrow morning?!




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